Angola is Africa, breathtaking while challenging, nerve-rackingingly exhilarating, a love affair in the making. If you have ticked some boxes on the water, and are looking for something very different, this adventure could be for you. Reminiscent of flyfishing Mozambique in the nineties, it's raw while rewarding, if you are prepared to put in the hours, wade deep and cast far you are in for a ride!

We have fished this coast line for season after season on the quiet, we have kept our noses down and put in the hard yards. An estuary system where never mind  the stars, but everything else must align: fresh water through the river mouth, tides, moon, on shore ocean conditions, the lot. We have exclusively secured what we consider the prime flyfishing window of the year.

Join us in central Angola on a bewilderingly healthy baby tarpon fishery, cast at rolling tarpon from 2 pounds to 42 pounds from the beach. If conditions allow, extreme surf casting for jacks, snapper, Grunter and other local species is a real possibility. Accommodation is clean and comfortable and meals wholesomely adequate.

It must be made clear that while this is West Africa this is not a cut price Gabon experience, it’s not a pristine marine reserve, the fishing is hard but incredibly rewarding.