The Golden Dorado must be one of the most exciting fly fishing species to target in the world.

Argentina has exceptional dorado fishing the length and breadth of the country.We have been chasing these golden beasts for years and worked out the perfect combo package hitting the very best fisheries.

The Parana river is unfathomably huge, its local Tupe name means “like the sea” – flowing 4880 km through central South America, it is second in size only to the Amazon.

Understandably its characteristics change hugely, from a single river to massive braids of extensive islands, to a marshy delta in the South. Water clarity varies from almost gin clear way up north as a tail water fishery to coffee coloured further South as a huge number of tributaries increase turbidity. Fish species diversity is insane.


Populated with many smaller Golden dorado Piranha, wolf fish and vampire fish. Why we love it –  state of the art flyfishing skiffs with trolling motors hold your line perfectly as you hit that structure that Golden dorado just love. Here we fish lighter rods, 6 and 7 and can throw floating lines all day. Surface eats are the best. These fish will butt each other out of the way to crush a popper and fish numbers are ridiculous with double ups a plenty!  Head home at sunset to a luxury live aboard boat to sip Argentina’s finest Malbec with prime Rib Eye on the open flame and recount the days’ adventures.


Here are much larger single dorado, the Pira Pita and the Pacu. This part of the river on the Paraguayan border runs super clear being a tail water fishery ( running out from below a massive hydro dam ). Armed with bigger 8 and 9 weight rods we drift the extensive channels and sandbanks sight fishing for cruisers, or casting to structure, the takes are nothing short of spectacular and if a 30 pound Dorado eating your fly off your rod tip doesn’t give you jelly legs, nothing will…..

We have fly fished the river for years and have formulated the perfect fly fishing combo trip. Fishing two very different pieces of water for a myriad of amazing fish. We give you the baby and not the growing pains, all included ex Buenos Aires, collection transfers, internal flights and all drinks – this is it!


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