Bonefishing, GT on Fly, Bumphead Parrotfish, do we have your attention yet?

Having worked on the outer islands in the early 2000’s, returning many times thereafter Jono Boulton knows and loves the Seychelles.

These saltwater flats consist of hard white sand, turtle grass and broken coral which make for comfortable wading.

Anglers can wade and sight fish to an impressive variety of species.  Although the week is mostly about GT Fly Fishing it will also give the angler to the opportunity for some of the best Bonefishing around.  The seasoned Seychelles fly fishing guides with clients have caught increasingly unusual fish. Including the mighty Bumphead Parrotfish, grouper and snapper and Wrasse.  Other species that are frequently caught include Triggerfish, Milk Fish, Barracuda, Bluefin Trevally, and for the lucky few, a Permit. Another unique attraction to the remote Seychelles outer atolls it the blue water fishing. Generally not more than a 20 minute bumble outside the reef finds anglers in the deep blue. Imagine teasing sailfish to the back of a boat slightly bigger than your bath. In addition to billfish shots at Wahoo, and both pelagic and resident tuna species are common. Bring on the Wasabi and Soy sauce!

The outer islands of the Seychelles is certainly best known for the diversity of species it offers anglers fortunate enough to visit her shores.  Is stalking Bonefish in skinny water, throwing crab flies at the colourful and charismatic tailing Triggerfish or holding your nerve as a large GT charges in at your fly something that gets you going? Give us a shout if you’d like our unbaised view on which atoll system, tides and moon phase would fit your tropical saltwater dreams.