The depths of the Amazon jungle is a breathtaking place to be – and that’s without even throwing a fly into the water!

After a 2 hour flight over the canopy due North of Manaus, we land in a pristine jungle landscape. Fishing tributaries of the Branco that flows into the Negro that ultimately flows into the Amazon. Two drifting boat anglers cast baitfish patterns at cruising fish or likely looking structure and overhangs.

The sight of several Peacock Bass bashing each other in an attempt to get the fly is exhilarating. The hit of a big fish is something to behold, cradling one in your arms for a photo is to witness a kaleidoscope of colour and patterns only Mother Nature’s paintbrush could conjure up. True to Discovery Channel from the breathtaking bird life to the ever-present possibility of drifting around the corner and seeing a Jaguar basking on a sandbank, having a Caiman try and take the fish off your line and freshwater dolphin rolling in a remote lagoon you are fishing, is something you wont forget.

Mavungana Flyfishing Tip
You WILL catch fish here. There are both good numbers and varieties to be taken with the fly rod. That said, brush up on your casting, it will help get to the bigger brutes.

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