There aren’t many flyfishermen unaware that Anglo American owned three magnificent trout properties, Trout Valley, Davys and Longmeadow, all spitting distance from Dullstroom. Many might be forgiven for not knowing that two trout obsessed eccentrics, David Abery and Jonathan Boulton, bought the farms 5 years ago.

Making untold improvements from groundbreaking river and dam enhancements, veld improvements, planting trees, introducing game species, and renovating the three stunning homesteads, no one other than a handful of invited friends and a few commercial bookings have managed to get over the gate in that time.David and Jonathan now offer limited, vetted bookings in the cool winter months.

Accommodation is at Trout Valley, and fishing is CAR only, accompanied by a senior, renowned Mavungana Flyfishing guide, who will ensure the safe release and monitoring of our acclaimed fish genetics. The guide will arrange fishing on all three of the farms allowing guests to experience each unique fishery in the best possible conditions.

The waters are rested between bookings in the winter and therefore access is very limited.



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