Join Mavungana Flyfishing as we venture into the Patagonian Tundra to catch the world’s biggest wild Rainbow Trout on Jurassic Lake.

Strategically situated on the southern shoreline of Strobel Lake, also known as Jurassic Lake. Estancia Laguna Verde has the best of this amazing fishery. Exclusively accessing over 14 km of crystal clear lake fishing and more than 10 km of the famous Barrancoso River. Additionally 10 km of the recently discovered Moro Creek and 12 smaller lakes and lagoons in the system. For this reason, you truly are spoilt for choice. Undoubtedly Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge has the widest and most dynamic fishing program on Jurassic Lake. – period.

Enjoy sight fishing to monstrous torpedo-shaped chrome Rainbow trout as they cruise the shoreline. Of course that 20 pounder is out there!  Using floating lines and slow stripped  streamers and nymphs in the waves. In the right conditions dry fly fishing is breathtaking; skating big foam flies and mouse patterns on the surface

Patagonia is renowned for strong winds that can be a challenge to fly fishers. Thankfully the huge amount of shore frontage means there is always a bay or point with the wind favourably over the shoulder.

Definitely one of the most exciting experiences at the Estancia is the incredible Barrancoso River, the one and only tributary of Strobel Lake, this freestone river runs for more than 10km through the property. Guests have exclusive access to the best pools and runs on the river and have the opportunity to fish floating lines with nymphs, big dries and mouse patterns. Imagine trying to hold a double figured trout that turns and heads back down through the white water!

Mavungana Flyfishing Tip
With the option of fishing rivers, creeks and the lakes you can literally fish a different piece of water every day using an assortment of techniques for huge Rainbow troutBrown Trout and Brook Trout.


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