Lake Strobel or ‘Jurassic Lake’ as it is colloquially known, is unquestionably one of the top rainbow trout fishing destinations in the world. During the summer months scores of fly fishers make the arduous journey down to the south of Patagonia to target gigantic trout in this harsh lunar landscape, and few are disappointed.

What is not commonly known is that a series of laguna (smaller lakes) close to Lake Strobel and part of the Estancia Laguna Verde (ELV) operation offer unbelievable fishing as well. Like Lake Strobel, these laguna were carved out of the earth by glacial movement many millennia ago, and a series of laguna interlinked by the Moro Creek was stocked soon after Lake Strobel. The Moro Creek is fed by spring snowmelt and during good years the Moro Creek successively fills and interlinks the laguna providing ideal spawning conditions for the trout.

The laguna vary in size and shape: Some are flat and featureless while others are surrounded by steep cliff-lined shorelines but the one thing that they share in common is insane fishing. The laguna offer non-stop action, and the size of the fish is nothing to sneeze at with fish averaging around 6lb to 8lb and trophy fish knocking on the 20lb mark. The laguna are a lot more protected from the relentless Patagonian winds than Lake Strobel itself and offer the opportunity to downscale from heavier rods typically used to battle the winds on the main lake to lighter 5wt to 6wt outfits. Due to the abundance of natural food in the laguna ecosystems, the fish are chunky, aggressive and will test your tackle to its limit.

With no two laguna being the same, fishing styles differ with dry and dropper rigs being effective in the clearer laguna, and large, dark streamers working best in stained waters. Drifting balanced leaches underneath a strike indicator has become very popular on both Lake Strobel and in the laguna, and the subtle, natural action of balanced leeches is increasingly accounting for larger trophy fish.

Ever heard of the Estancia Laguna Verde “grand-slam”? Well few destinations in the world can offer anglers the opportunity to bag a trio of trout species in one session; rainbow, brown and brook trout. Laguna Verde (meaning the Green Lake) which is a stone’s throw from the main lodge, was originally stocked with all three species and all three species have flourished. During an early morning or late afternoon session it is possible to bag a “grand-slam” – an occasion that will warrant an extra glass or two of delicious Argentinian Malbec that evening.

Notwithstanding the amazing fishing on Lake Strobel, we believe that the laguna fishing alone at Estancia Laguna Verde justifies a visit to this unique part of the world. 

Trevor Phillips – Mavungana Flyfishing

Jurassic lake