The Z series is the latest offering from the renowned Scandinavian fly rod company Loop, filling the gap left by the discontinued Cross series and fitting perfectly beneath their top tier 7X rods. One of the most significant improvements in the Z series is the use of 40-45 ton nano graphene carbon fiber in the blanks, which is ultra-light and one of the strongest materials ever tested for tensile strength. This material makes the Z series light in hand, and they have a crisp feel during casting and fighting fish. The rods feature high-grade cork handles, ceramic lined titanium stripping guides, and titanium plated stainless steel snake guides, making them a high-performance tool with a stylish appearance. The two popular models available are the 9’ 5wt Z1 and the 9’ 7wt ZX.


  • The 9' 5wt Z1 is perfect for anglers chasing stillwater trout and doubles nicely as a yellowfish rod in rivers and stillwaters. With its medium-fast action, the Z1 is capable of producing a gentle presentation along with the softness to protect ultra-light tippets, which is vital for dry and nymph fishing for yellowfish and trout. Although some might consider it too soft for chucking bigger flies, the Z1 can throw small game-changers and similar streamers when one slows their casting stroke down. The Z1 has earned a place in the guide team bag and is a testament to the rod's performance.


  • To put it bluntly, the 9' 7wt ZX is a phenomenal rod! It feels like a standard fast-action 7wt but is incredibly light in hand. The rod comes alive when attached to a fish and is an absolute pleasure to fish with. Unlike some other brands' fast/super-fast action rods, the ZX casts with pinpoint accuracy and can place a fly down with delicacy. These rods also don't need to be overloaded with a heavier fly line, like most fast-action rods. Although Loop designed this rod with sea trout in mind, the ZX has been put through its paces, casting baitfish patterns for tigerfish, deer hair bugs for smallmouth bass, and sight fishing spotted grunter on sand banks. The fight on this rod is lively and sensitive, making every fish fun, yet never making you feel out of control.


Overall, the Loop Z series is a welcome addition to the Loop lineup, especially for anglers who want a high-performing rod without purchasing the top tier. With Mavungana Fly Fishing and Loop's backup service in the case of rare breakages, the Z series is a must-have for your quiver.

Review by Mike Dames