Mellow Yellow:

Get ready to add some vibrant colours to your fly box with the Mellow Yellow! This eye-catching fly is an absolute trout magnet, designed as an attractor pattern to grab their attention and entice strikes, especially aggressive winter spawners.

Featuring an orange tungsten bead for added weight, a flowing tail of yellow marabou, and a body created with a mix of hot yellow ice dubbing and fluorescent yellow dubbing, this fly is a visual feast for both you and the trout.

When the fishing conditions are tough, the Mellow Yellow stands out from the crowd and triggers aggressive responses from hungry trout. Cast it near structure, strip it from the depths or near the surface and get ready for explosive takes!

Tied in house by Raymond Mutemeri, available here

Ty's Taddy:

Introducing the Ty's Taddy, a go-to fly for enticing trout!  This versatile pattern is designed to mimic various aquatic prey and trigger aggressive takes from trout in all conditions.

Featuring an eye-catching orange over yellow marabou tail, a shimmering pearl flash body, and topped off with an orange tungsten bead, the Ty's Taddy is a combination of irresistible colours and textures that trout simply can't resist. The Pancora finish is ready;ly in winter, the olive and black more so in the warmer summer months.

This is a deadly Stillwater pattern, especially fished on a floating line and long leader, the tungsten bead allowing it to be fished deep on the drop through the water column. We have also used this fly to great success on late rivers in Argentina and Chile 

Tied in house by Dullstrooms finest Rosie, available here

Rose Nguni 

Rosie joined Mavungana Flyfishing as Dullstroom's in-house fly tier in 2002. She has received training from the likes of Paul Curtis, Tom Sutcliffe, Rob van Rensburg and Brendan Becker. Today Rosie’s tying range is unbelievable, from small CDC dries to pioneering massive Nile Perch flies used by Jono to land the lake Nasser fly-caught record of 70 pounds.

Raymond Mutemeri

Mavungana Flyfishing was privileged to have Ray join the J'burg team in 2011. His huge range of tying talent ranges from classically dressed salmon patterns to his deadly tiger brush flies means people come from far and wide to pick his brain